Forecast Solutions
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Forecast Solutions Planning Ltd

Forecast Solutions Planning Ltd is an independent privately owned business that has the aim of helping companies with all aspects of demand planning and sales forecasting. The work includes training courses and workshops, forecasting software and data analysis to quantify the effect on demand of causal factors such as price, weather and economic indices.

Industry coverage is wide, including consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, construction and industrial sectors. Some present and past clients include Weetabix, Aspall Cyder, Magnet, Coca Cola (Hellenic), Ronseal, Norgine Pharma, Merck Chemicals, Accord Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Epson, Brother, Gamma Telecom, Phonak, Science Museum, News International, Tarmac, Leyland Trucks and Unipart Rail.

The company is headed by Doug Green, a specialist sales forecasting and demand planning consultant.  Doug enjoys advising companies on forecasting software, conducting in-house and public training courses, and carrying out causal analysis projects to quantify the effect on sales of drive factors such as price, weather and economic indices.  

In terms of software, Forecast Solutions Planning Ltd has carried out consulting, training and implementation on a number of demand planning software packages.  We partner with a small number of software development companies and work with other associates who are expert in specialist areas such as Excel / VBA.

Prior to setting up Forecast Solutions, Doug was a senior consultant with a leading supplier of sales forecasting and planning software. In that role he delivered consulting, implementation and training across a wide range of companies including Revlon Europe, Golden Wonder, Kraft Foods, Novartis, Unilever (Russia and Pakistan), Whitworths, Pirelli (Italy), Scottish Courage and Almarai (Saudi Arabia).

His earlier background was in operations research and market analysis at Pilkington Brothers, followed by market modelling and sales forecasting in a number of major companies including Cadbury Ltd and HJ Heinz.

Forecast Solutions Planning Ltd is based at Haddenham, near Aylesbury, UK.