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Demand Planning and Forecasting Consultant Services

Our demand planning consultants give expert help on all aspects of demand planning and forecasting. We are skilled at demand analysis and causal modelling as well as time series forecasting methods such as exponential smoothing. As forecasting consultants we work with companies to improve in-house forecasting process and methods, and can provide an outsourced sales forecasting service if needed.

 Some of our demand planning consulting and training services:

  1. Training courses and workshops - demand forecasting and stock policy

  2. Forecast accuracy health checks using specialist software

  3. Improvement programs - processes and methods for better accuracy

  4. Help with software - systems in Excel or specialist software

  5. Outsourced sales forecasting service remote or on-site

  6. Causal modelling - quantifing the effects of pricing, weather and economic variables

Our consultants aim to complement existing systems and skills in a completely flexible way, undertaking projects large and small, with ad hoc or regular involvement as necessary.

Powerful econometrics and time series forecasting software can be used to create a demand forecast comparison and evaluation purposes or for the expert provision of an outsourced demand forecasting service.

Software can be developed in Microsoft Excel, or for more demanding applications Forecast Solutions can supply specialist software or help with a software selection process.

Causal analysis is undertaken to analyse the effect on sales of prices, relative prices, weather or economic indices. Once the causal effects are understood they can be integrated into the forecasting process.

Demand forecasting training programmes are offered in terms of public courses, in-company training and online training. The courses cover time series forecasting methods, the possibilities for causal modelling and a number of other topics in demand planning and supply planning.