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Forecasting Courses - Demand Planning Training

Forecast Solutions provides expert demand planning and business forecasting courses and workshops.  We focus mainly on training for individual organisations, so that the course content can be tailored as best possible to meet the needs of the specific company and its people.  Training can be delivered at the company's own office in UK or Europe, at our preferred venue in Oxfordshire, or at some other agreed location.  Public courses are occasionally offered.

The courses are suitable for demand planners, demand managers, inventory managers, forecasting executives, sales and marketing teams, purchasing and supply chain staff. Every effort is made to match course material in terms of skill level and content to best suit the needs of the delegates.

The Introduction to Sales Forecasting Course and the Demand Planning and Forecasting Workshop are geared to be independent of any particular software, with Excel used purely as a common language for worked examples.  There is also the Forecasting in Excel Course that is designed for those who already forecast using Excel or who wish to evaluate the possibilities for Excel forecasting.  

Some popular course formats:

  1. Introduction to Sales Forecasting (1 day)
  2. Demand Planning and Forecasting Workshop (2 days)
  3. Forecasting in Excel (1 day)
  4. Advanced Planning and Forecasting (minimum 1 day)

For further details on demand planning and forecasting courses please click on the link below or contact us by email at or by telephone on 01844 291942.  For a quotation please contact us or submit a request through the link below.

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Introduction to Sales Forecasting (1 day)

This one day forecasting course provides an engaging introduction to demand forecasting and a working knowledge of some simple but effective techniques including curve fitting, moving average and simple exponential smoothing. Some practical methods for analysing and dealing with seasonality are described and the important topics of sales forecasting for new products and promotions are included.

Demand Planning and Forecasting Workshop (2 days)

The two day Demand Planning and Forecasting Workshop is our most popular demand planning course. The basics of demand forecasting are covered as in the one day forecasting course described above, then some of the key areas are developed in greater detail. Differences in approach for short term forecasting and for sales and operations planning are explored and there is ample discussion around best practice method and process as might be applicable in your company.  Additional topics include forecast accuracy measurement and, if relevant, the use of EPOS data.  The basics of stock policy are covered including the calculation of safety stock for fast moving and slow moving items. Course material is backed up with worked examples in Microsoft Excel and examples of your own data can be examined.

Forecasting in Excel (1 day)

This course is ideal for anyone wishing to explore the use of Excel for sales forecasting.  It pulls together a range of tools for that can be found or easily constructed in Excel, plus some useful aspects of the Data Analysis and Solver add-ins.  Forecasting in Excel provides a detailed knowledge of a number of the most useful forecasting teechniques and how to implement them in Excel.  it will clarify the capabilities and limitations of Excel as a potential platform for a demand forecasting system.  Prior knowledge of Excel to an intermediate level is desirable for this course.

Advanced Forecasting and Planning (minimum 1 day)

This one day course is provided on a flexible basis for delegates who have previously attended the 2 day Demand Planning and Forecasting Workshop or  have reached a similar skill level through other training or work experience. The subject matter is tailored for the company and delegates to cover a selection of the most useful and relevant set of topics across causal analysis, time series forecasting and stock planning to a more advanced level. Attention can be given to the processes as well as techniques that are of most concern to the company.