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 Forecast Solutions offers a choice of two carefully researched and cost-effective packaged forecasting software solutions, both incorporating state of the art forecasting methods.  With demand forecasting software we fully understand the need to provide leading edge forecasting techniques within a framework that is easy to use, supports an effective forecasting process and is within a budget that makes sense.  The two software packages that we offer are quite different alternatives in terms of the needs that each addresses and the features they offer.  Contact us for a discussion about the characteristics of the two systems by emailing us at info@forecastsolutions.co.uk or request a no-obligation demonstration through this link.

System X 

This is a very well established forecasting software with thousands of users wordwide.  It is an off-the-shelf solution with a low entry price, easy implementation and a comprehensive user manual.  When you purchase from Forecast Solutions we will provide UK-based first line support and can offer cost-effective consulting and training if required.  First year support is included in the purchase price.

All versions of this software give a wide range of forecasting models including exponential smoothing, Box Jenkins and dynamic regression.  There is an automatic model selection process and users can easily review the forecast models and change them if necessary.  Forecast overrides can be applied and can be retained separately for different users or departments.  Top-down or bottom-up working can be carried out through the forecasting hierarchy.  An event management system is able to estimate the effect of past promotions and makes it easy to apply promotions to the forecast. 

Software licences are provided on a named user basis and there is a generous upgrade path from basic through to higher versions.  These provide a range of features including forecasting for an unlimited number of items, the ability to combine the work of multiple users, multiple units of measurement and forecast accuracy measurement.

Click here to request an initial web-based demonstration or contact us by email.

 System Y

System Y is more of a hidden gem designed by a small but expert software development company based in the UK.  Although the minimum entry price is not quite as low as for System X, this forecasting software can be equally or more cost-effective overall, depending on the number and type of users.  Full implementation is provided, customised to client needs, including scheduled data links with other systems through SQL feeds or delimited text files.

The software is easy to use for non-technical users, having a look and feel similar to Excel.  There is very flexible reporting with the ability to cut and slice across different levels of product and customer.  All reports support work on the forecast.  The system automatically chooses from a range of forecasting methods and users can review and change the forecasting model.  Forecast overrides can be entered, supported by built in error detection.  A recent development gives access to the extensive range of forecasting methods in the world-renowned R statistics package. 

The system gives true concurrent multi-user access with full security based on products, customers, measures and versions and automatic consolidation across multiple levels.  Frequent and variable promotional activity can be accommodated and there is an optional full promotions management system. Very flexible multi-dimensional reports / update screens come as standard, as do forecast accuracy reports.

Multiple units of measurement can be used including a full range of financial measures to support budgeting and sales planning, including multiple currencies if required. Any number of forecast or budget versions can be developed and maintained.

Click here to arrange an initial web-based demonstration , or contact us by email.

Forecasting using Excel

The advantage of forecasting in Excel is that there is total flexibility in designing a system to meet the precise needs of the business, including the ability to combine the results of a causal analysis with time series projrction. 

Forecast Solutions can work to improve an existing process based on Excel or we can develop a completely new solution.  A solution in standard Excel may be sufficient, but we can partner with VBA specialists to provide a more user-friendly interface if such is needed.

The potential drawback of Excel is that high numbers of products / customers and increased complexity can make forecasting systems in Excel time-consuming to create in the first place and troublesome to maintain. 

Factors that may tilt the balance in favour of specialist demand forecasting software rather than Excel include large numbers of items to forecast, a need for multi-level forecasting, flexible reporting across product and customer hierachies and multiple units of measurements.

So there is a point at which increased complexity and the need for a more sophisticated approach triggers the need for specialist forecasting software. 

Contact us by email at info@forecastsolutions.co.uk to discuss options including the use of Excel or our recommended packaged software.